DOI/VISTAs serve with local community organizations addressing the environmental and economic impacts of legacy mining (mining which occurred before 1977). DOI/VISTAs serve through one year commitments, contributing to a three-year project hosted by community organizations. These projects are renewed annually through and application process.

DOI/VISTA Host Requirements

  • Must be a DOI Bureau or Office AND HAVE a 501(c)3 non-profit organization as a partner
  • Create a project that reflects the DOI/VISTA Team’s core goals and alleviates poverty
  • Identify a supervisor to provide at least four hours of supervision per week
  • Provide the support costs of hosting an OSMRE/VISTA (service related travel reimbursement, office space)
  • Pay a membership fee for each year of the project

DOI/VISTA Host Benefits

  • A human resource – a full-time college educated OSMRE/VISTA to assist in building your organization’s capacity
  • Administrative assistance from our support office
  • Free OSMRE/VISTA attendance at our biannual Team Trainings – allowing OSMRE/VISTAs to network with other VISTAs and gain skills for their service
  • Access to Team Listservs, grant writing instruction and consultation, webinars, and a regional network of ideas and experience through our team and support staff

To Apply

Please contact the DOI/VISTA Team Coordinator:

Seth Burdette; (Office) 304-252-4848 Ext. 303 (Mobile) 304-533-3325