DOI / VISTA Team Projects

Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation (NRCDC)

DOI / VISTA: Priscilla Kennedy
Supervisor: Gwendolyn Fredrick
Address: 5445 Almeda, Suite 505, Houston, Texas 77004
County: Harris, Fort Bend, & Montgomery County
Voice Telephone: 713-520-5232
Web site:
Congressional District: 8
Bureau: National Park Service (NPS)


NRCDC’s mission is to revitalize defined target areas in Houston, to encourage economic development and investment, to effectively provide and encourage the development of housing for persons of low and moderate income, and to work with other private and public entities.

The National Park Service Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance program helps bring the conservation and recreation mission of the NPS to communities, like southeast Houston, that do not have easy access to a national park system unit. The NPS seeks to expand park and recreational resources in urban areas, increase park access for historically under-served populations, and engage the next generation in environmental stewardship and natural resource careers.

 In January 2013, OST/South Union was designated a GO Neighborhood by Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC).  SEHTA serves as the Steering Committee in conjunction with Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation (NRCDC) as the Convening Agency.  GO Neighborhoods is a multi-year comprehensive initiative for revitalizing Houston communities by addressing the many aspects of developing a sustainable community – a good place to work, live, and raise a family. 

About the Surrounding Community

The Super Neighborhood 68/South Union is in particular need. Nearly 60% of all households earn less than $40,000, with 37.3% earning under $20,000. With a lack of employment opportunities for youth and ex-offenders, the unemployment rate is at 13.9%. Conditions in the area are deteriorating and improvements are need in city parks, as is better lightening for safety reasons. The declining social fabric tends to negatively impact the quality of life for the area. Major chains have a hard time understanding an area’s potential with income and education statistics, resulting in limited neighborhood retail / services. There are limited organized opportunities /outlets for recreation, after school activities, sports, etc. for youth who have become increasingly unfocused. This situation is hardened by the fact that most young parents are not actively engaged in school activities. Additionally, the area is a food desert, lacking quality fresh produce, but having numerous fast food establishments. Illegal dumping throughout the area is also an issue. Youth under 19 years of age make up 30.6% of the population, providing abundant opportunities for engaging the next generation.

Project Overview

DOI/VISTA, Glynda Davis, helps the Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation in reducing poverty through economic development within the community, building on the resources of the residents and stakeholders to create employment opportunities related to community gardens, farmers markets, food co-ops, and bicycling. She also works with GO Team volunteers to prioritize and implement projects and programs that promote economic and job development and supports the implementation of the Quality of Life Agreement. The Quality of Life Agreement supports the community’s progress towards its overall vision of a sustainable neighborhood thereby substantially eliminating poverty. By engaging public and private sector partners, her work includes developing specific projects and programs to move individuals and families out of poverty such as job skills training, job creation, reducing transportation costs, increasing access to quality food (thus addressing health issues that contribute to poverty), and many others.

Sponsors and Partners

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