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Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site

Lindsey Lunsford

DOI / VISTA: Lindsey Lunsford
Supervisor: Janet Sullen
Address: 1212 W. Montgomery Road, Tuskegee, Alabama 36088-1923
County: Macon County
Voice Telephone: 334-727-8011
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Congressional District: 3
Bureau: National Park Service (NPS)


 In 1881, Tuskegee Institute in Alabama officially opened its doors to America’s former slaves to provide training and education for the newly freed population. It was founded by Booker T. Washington and gained recognition for its superior training of African Americans in industrial trades that helped improve their economic conditions and way of life. Today, Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site is a symbol of African American achievement and a reminder of Booker T. Washington’s legacy in African American education and culture. The Tuskegee Institute supports its educational mission at the national historic site offering visitors the chance to walk the university grounds and enjoy the surviving buildings, including Washington’s home, the Oaks and the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site.  

About the Surrounding Community

Macon County, Alabama was historically a predominantly African American community and with 82.6% of the population identifying as African American that history continues today. The area serves as landmark for African American history and culture through the Tuskegee National Historic Site, and Tuskegee Institute/ University. The city of Tuskegee is also the home of the legendary heroes of World War Two, the Tuskegee Airmen also known as the Red Tails. The median household income is $30,906 with a poverty rate at 28.1 %.  44.8% of those living under the poverty level are under the age of 18. Thus, more opportunities and programs focusing on economic development and growth in order to move families out of poverty are needed. 

Project Overview

DOI/VISTA Lindsey Lunsford works with the Provost’s office and Council of Deans in partnership with the National Park Service to develop the Tuskegee University Student Leadership program (TUSLP). TUSLP focus’ on developing student leaders who focus their efforts on encouraging and organizing other students to work on specific community development projects.  Lindsey assists in providing a portal to information and education to improve access to continued education and professional development by creating teaching and learning opportunities for citizens. This helps to provides youth with opportunities while also enhancing the travel/tourism industry throughout Alabama’s Black Belt region, particularly in three park units, Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site, Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site and the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail. This project targets youth of all ages, using multiple platforms i.e. social media, interpretative performance, workshops, etc. Programs partner with present school initiatives to improve student academic performance.

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