DOI / VISTA Team Projects

Caribbean Islands National Wildlife Refuge

Orlando J. Medina

DOI / VISTA: Orlando J. Medina
Supervisor: Ana Roman and Gisella Burgos
Address: P.O. Box 510, Boqueron, Puerto Rico 00622
County: Cabo Rojo
Voice Telephone: 787-851-7258 x-305; 787-851-7258 x 311
Web site:
Congressional District: At-Large
Bureau: Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS)


The mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is to work with others, to conserve, protect, and enhance fish, wildlife, and plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people. They are the only agency of the U.S. Government with this primary mission. The Service helps protect a healthy environment for people, fish and wildlife, and helps Americans conserve and enjoy the outdoors and living treasures. The Service's major responsibilities are for migratory birds, endangered species, certain marine mammals, and freshwater and anadromous fish.

About the Surrounding Community

Puerto Rico’s dwindling economy greatly impacts many of the islands communities such as the town of Cabo Rojo and Vieques, areas where the DOI/VISTA candidate is situated.  According to the US Census Bureau, in Cabo Rojo, 49.3% of the overall population and 58.2% of youth are impoverished. The DOI/VISTA will help to implement different strategies and activities involving the community with the protection and responsible use of the natural resources. This will promote environmental stewardship and community development in those areas.  

Project Overview

DOI/VISTA Orlando J. Medina, is working to promote economic development and educating impoverished communities in Cabo Rojo and Vieques which are greatly impacted by Puerto Rico's weak economy. The projects involve community individuals to work closely with the FWS greenhouse and visitor centers. Through these projects, the individuals are learning to properly care for plants, engage in environmental stewardship, participate in professional development/training, and will hopefully continue volunteering or work with FWS.

Sponsors and Partners

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