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United Tribes Technical College

TCU Team Member Joseph

DOI / VISTA: TCU Team Member Joseph "Joe" Andino
Supervisor: Pat Aune
Address: 3315 University Dr., Bismarck, North Dakota 58504
County: Burleigh County
Voice Telephone: 701-255-3285
Web site:
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Congressional District: At-large
Bureau: Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)


United Tribes Technical College (UTTC) was founded to provide a community in which Indian people TCU Logocan acquire an education and obtain employment. Programs that have been added over the years have kept this initial purpose in mind, providing not only occupational education and training, but also individual and social skills in a culturally-relevant setting –with an emphasis on children and families. Today, UTTC is dedicated to providing American Indians with postsecondary and technical education in a culturally diverse environment that provides self-determination and economic development for all tribal nations. UTTC envisions skilled, knowledgeable, culturally-grounded, healthy graduates who will achieve their educational goals; empower their communities; and preserve the environment, tribal land, water, and natural resources.

The UTTC Land Grant (LG) Extension program delivers culturally-relevant, research-based food, nutrition, and gardening education that has a positive impact on the health and well-being of all citizens. The Nutrition and Foodservice Education program effectively prepares students for a career in Tribal settings and for off reservation employment opportunities. The Research program works in collaboration with Land Grant College partners and related agencies to further knowledge in the areas of agricultural sciences and land resources. These goals reflect the LG mission to improve the quality of life through culturally-appropriate and scientifically-based education that will strengthen Tribal communities, sustain natural resources, and promote healthy lifestyles for citizens of Tribal nations.

About the Surrounding Community

All reservations served by UTTC, except for one, are identified as having very high poverty and unemployment rates – some of the highest in the nation. All children (around 160) enrolled in the UTTC on-campus elementary school qualify for the national school lunch program to receive low-cost or free lunch. 

Project Overview

UTTC Logo UTTC Land Grant program is improving the depth and breadth of its services. The DOI/VISTA TCU Team Member is developing internal systems that network the offices collective programming and educational resources. With UTTC LG resources better defined and collectively housed, UTTC will more efficiently implement their services to the communities they serve on a community-by-community based need. By increasing the coordination and efficiency of internal processes, the LG office is expanding extension programs, educational resources, nutrition and foodservice vocation recruitment, and research capacity over a larger geographical context that serves more tribal members.

The current DOI/VISTA-TCU Team Member Joe Andino is developing a volunteer recruitment initiative for UTTC’s 16 campus gardens, organizing LG’s resources and online database, creating social media platforms, forming partnerships with Bismarck/Mandan non-profits, re-organizing the LG Advisory Council with his supervisor, and aiding in the development of training workshops to increase student employment.

Sponsors and Partners

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