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Appalachian Trail Conservancy-East Millinocket

Evan Watson

DOI / VISTA: Evan Watson
Supervisor: Julie Judkins and Deborah Jean Roundtree
Address: 1 Dirigo Drive Suite 1, East Millinocket, Maine 04430
County: Penobscot County
Voice Telephone: 828-254-3708 Ext. 11; 207-746-5741
Web site:
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Congressional District: 2
Bureau: National Park Service (NPS)


The Appalachian Trail Conservancy preserves and manages the Appalachian Trail – ensuring that its vast natural beauty and priceless cultural heritage can be shared and enjoyed today, tomorrow, and for centuries to come. 

The DOI/VISTA project site Appalachian Trail Conservancy-East Millinocket is sponsored by the National Park Service (NPS) whose mission is to preserve unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the national park system for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations. The Park Service cooperates with partners to extend the benefits of natural and cultural resource conservation and outdoor recreation throughout this country and the world.

About the Surrounding Community

More than 20% of residents in Millinocket are living at an income below the poverty line, the majority of which are American Indian and Alaskan natives.  Millinocket is well known as a "Trail Town" along the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) due to the influx of hikers taking advantage of the beautiful trails and popular Katahdin in Baxter State Park, for which the community provides an entrance. The trail brings hikers and their families to celebrate the initial kick-off or end of a journey of a lifetime. The community’s economy has been built around forest products and a mill for generations.  The mill has gone from closing to re-opening unsuccessfully and given the community a difficult economic recovery. Millinocket does provide countless outdoor recreation opportunities, and it needs support to catalyze and market them to visitors.  

Project Overview

The DOI/VISTA Thomas Sobol is building networks and community capacity to plan for adequate infrastructure, services, and community training. Thomas assists in the development of new partnerships that will expand local capacity and support steps to advance the new strategic direction of sustainable outdoor recreation development. Working with community leaders; the local A.T. Community™ Committee; agency partners such as the National Park Service, and Baxter State Park, and ATC staff; the new Youth Outdoor Network; Teens to Trails; and the Eastern Maine Community College, the VISTA focuses efforts to implement effective conservation communication projects, develop outreach programs, and support a regional program for outdoor recreation-based economic development projects

Sponsors and Partners

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