DOI / VISTA Team Projects

Bighorn Canyon

DOI / VISTA: Sarah Davis
Supervisor: Christy Fleming
Address: 5 Ave. B, Fort Smith, Montana 59035
County: Big Horn County
Voice Telephone: 406-666-3302
Web site:
Congressional District: At-Large
Bureau: National Park Service (NPS)


Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, is one of 392 National Park Service units that, working with other partners, helps safeguard this nation's natural and cultural heritage. The mission of Bighorn Canyon is to preserve America’s cultural and natural resources for future generations. In recent years this mission has expanded to include establishing partnerships and collaborating and supporting the communities we serve in all over the country. 

About the Surrounding Community

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area sits in the middle of the Crow Indian Reservation, a region with nearly 80% unemployment. There are documented struggles with above average substance abuse, obesity, dropout rates, and a variety of other metrics associated with poverty.


Project Overview

Through education and partnerships, DOI/VISTA Josh Little Owl, will assist to decrease some of the documented struggles associated with poverty on the neighboring reservations.  Through partnerships, he will build the volunteer base for both Bighorn Canyon and Little Bighorn College. Through outreach with the tribal schools, he will promote and develop history, science, literacy, and health education that will increase the opportunities for the tribal schools to partner with the park. He will bring the schools into the park, and bringing Bighorn Canyon into schools. 

Sponsors and Partners

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